Foundations of Physics, Biology, Psychology, and Culture: Introductory Texts, Reviews, Research Material

 Entropy and Energy: The Laws of Thermodynamics

The Entropy Law (The Second Law of Thermodynamics)

 The Entropy Law as Law of Disorder (Boltzmann's Interpretation: The Statistical View)

 The Law of Maximum Entropy Production (why the world produces as much order as it can)

 Thermodynamics, Evolution, and Behavior: The Evolution of Life as a Consequence of the Laws of Thermodynamics

 The Consequences of the New More Complete Understanding of the Entropy Law for Biology, Psychology, and Culture or Social Theories

  Additional Information on Entropy

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Entropy is in many ways the most fundamental property of the world, to the extent that we can know it. The entropy law (the second law of thermodynamics) as Eddington put it...Here a site all about entropy, the entropy law, entropy production, and the meaning of entropy for physics, biology, psychology, and theories of cutlure and or social theory. Included are entropy texts, entropy references, entropy reviews, discussions about entropy, the differences between entropy and entropy production, and the new views of spontaneous order, self-organizatin, evolution and the consequences for humans. The main entropy contents are here: entropy and energy, the entropy law, the entropy law as disorder, maximum entropy production, entropy for biology, psychology and culture.